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Am I a whore?

Name: Amanda
Nicknames: Muhmanda, Trixx, Flanders.. Mandi
Age: 20
Location: Currently Wisconsin/Moving to San Diego
Sexuality: Bisexual. Im hot for the cock more.
Star Sign: Cancer

(*Moving On*)
Bands/musicians: Spineshank, Rammstein, Bjork, Lollipop Lust Kill, Rancid, Nothingface, Spice Girls, Hole, Jack off Jill, Mindless Self Indulgence, John Mayer, Horrorpops, Spin Doctors, Sw1tched..
Movies: Anything horror, bad comedy, artsy films, animation, cheap love stories
Books/authors: The Zombie Survival Guide
Hobbies: Computer nerd, video games, writing, sleeping, smoking, watching movies, doing artsy crap, roleplaying...
Bands/musicians you hate/dislike: Nirvana, Evanesense, most of the slut pop star females, Slipknot..
Any hidden talents?: I can move a bone in my ankle.. and then put it back in place.
Favorite color and why: Fuchisa - Its just plain hot!
Describe yourself in five words: Bitch, creative, complex, difficult, silly

Homosexuality: I am one, most my good friends are. I have no problem with it. Im for it.
Religion: I was brought up in a lutheran private school. I dislike religion alot. I have no say if there is a god or not. Ill believe it.. when I see it.
Racism: This is a toughy. I sterotype races.. But who doesnt? I dont think Ill consider myself racist, because Im like others. Meh. Im not FOR it but Im not against it. Im not a fan of people no matter what their color is.
War: If theres a good cause and reason behind it.. I we take a hit we give a hit right?
Abortion: NO. It should be illegal. Take actions for your responsbility. Dont kill a life just cause you want to fuck.
Premarital Sex: I dont care. I wasnt married and I did it.. Just dont go being a slut about it right?
Labels: Haha. Who doesnt label? No matter how much people hate labels.. they use them.

1. Why do you think you belong here? Haha. Hmm. Because I can be vain too, I enjoy these rating communities, I like dead men.
2. If you could give a message to the world, what would it be? Stop fucking up.. seriously now.
Do you Think you will be ACCEPTED? Id like to think so. But as I checked out some applications. It seems people enjoy bashing more then anything..

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