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I never update for this.

Me and missy are the ones who dont really fit the "goth" criteria in here. But later i could get all gussyed up and show you how i'd look if i were bad 2 da bone! Heh. im a pussy emo kid, dont mind me.

But i do love looking at Jess' friends on her myspace because their really interesting. I still like NIN and some of the music Jess force feeds into my ears.

hrmmm... I didnt go to school today. AHM A REBEL! Not many people went today actually. Its raining and depressing to them, but i like it.

welp, an unknown fact about me... I've only been to 2 funerals. I've never seen a dead body though. I look at pictures of dead bodies and people getting surgery on television, but i've never seen anything in real life. I kinda want to, but i kinda dont.

Comment if you guys have seen a dead body -or- something of the sort and how many funerals you've been to and who they were. Just so i get some participation points in this commune.

Keep it POSI!

Im kidding
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