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Am I a whore?

Name: Nikki.
Nicknames: None really.
Age: 16.
Location: Santee, California.
Sexuality: Straight.

Star Sign: Libra.

(*Moving On*)
Bands/musicians: Marilyn Manson. Deftones. Jack off Jill. Megadeth. Tool. Hole. Nirvana. old Metallica. Live. The Doors. Led Zeppelin.
Movies: Detroit Rock City.
Books/authors: Speak. Cut. A bright red scream. She said Yes.
Hobbies: Just sitting on my ass. Messing around with my hair & make-up.
Bands/musicians you hate/dislike: Hoobastank. Good Charlotte. Ja Rule.
Any hidden talents?: Not that I know of.
Favorite color and why: Purple because I think it's beautiful. Not only is a dark but there is some brightness to it that I can see. Haha. Lame. I know.
Describe yourself in five words: Unique. Uncanny. Trustful. Nice. Caring.

Homosexuality: I'm way for it. I think it's sweet just like non-homosexuals. But sweeter in a way. And you can't help who or what you love.
Religion: I think religion is cool. But it really needs to stop being pressured onto others. That's what makes most people non-religious & hate God. So I can understand how some people don't like it.
Racism: I can't stand it. I don't think color or race matters. Were all  human.
War: War is not necessary unless there is a logical reason. Killing innocent people is pretty screwed. Yah..
Abortion: It's a women's choice. I personally wouldn't do that unless I was raped.
Premarital Sex: I'm fine with it. Just protect yourself and be ready for consequences.
Labels: I don't really think it's necessary. But it's not gunna change. This world is full of labels.

1. Why do you think you belong here? I don't know really. This community seems pretty awesome and I'd try and give it my all to be active.
2. If you could give a message to the world, what would it be? Always be yourself. Even if people hate you for it.
3. Do you Think you will be ACCEPTED? I don't know. I get rejected a lot from communities but hopefully I get accepted here.


 Woo. Don't ask.

Thank you. <3

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