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Am I A Whore?

sorry, i didn't know how to do the application right...gir... (*BASICS*) Name: Crystal Nicknames: Crissy Age: 15 Location: Pompano beach FL Sexuality: bisexual Star Sign: aries (*Moving On*) Bands/musicians: marilyn manson, nin, joy division, sisters of mercy, dying fetus, soilent green, mechanical cabaret, bikini kill, dead can dance, kittie, frankenstein drag queens, murderdolls, dope, garbage, christian death, lords of acid, the cardigans, specimen, the cure, siouxsie and the banshees...etc Movies: donnie darko, gypsy 83, being john malkovich, benny & joon, ray, the crow, romeo & juliet Books/authors: kurt vonnegut, william shakespeare Hobbies: writing, playing guitar, playing in my band, smoking Bands/musicians you hate/dislike: korn, papa roach, slapstick remedy (some local band over here), the f-ups, msi Any hidden talents?: i can draw Favorite color and why: pink because it symbolizes my youth and my feminity Describe yourself in five words: outspoken, set opinion on everything. (*OPINIONS*) Homosexuality: i think its good to experiment and just be who you are to stay true to yourself. but i hate those idiots that are just gay because they think it will gain them respect when in fact it does the opposite and they have no idea how to cope with actually being a different sexuality in the real world. i just don't like it being a trend. Religion: religion was a good idea, and i think every religion has good points & perspective. i don't like how religion is used a tool to kill. i wish it were less like a cult and more about personal beliefs, not following a "god" who we're not even sure exists. Racism: i don't like the idea of it and i can't stand how people like to segregate people. but i respect certain people that are bold enough to say "nigger" because its their belief and i belief we have the right to believe in whatever we want to. War: war is awful. i hate the idea, but i do realize that there will never be peace. there will always be assholes in this world trying destroy what we have overcome so far. therefore, war will always be around no matter how much i despise it. Abortion: i don't like it, but i have to admit that if i was pregnant right now, i wouldn't be able to live a normal life becasue i would have a baby at 15 so i would consider it. i believe no matter how wrong it is, it is the personal choice of the women. its her body. Premarital Sex: i don't think its good or bad. i think when its time you know its time as long as you're taking precautions against STDs and know the risks and aren't 10 getting knocked up, its a personal descion. Labels: i know there's this trend going around saying "labels are for soup cans" but i'm sorry, i would be a hypocrite for saying that. i label EVERYTHING and so do other people. we label the kind of music we liten to and anything else you can think of. so if i want to say that person is a punk or a poser i'll say it. i don't care. (*Random*) 1. Why do you think you belong here? becasue i believe i'm an individual and maybe there you are people that will appreciate that. 2. If you could give a message to the world, what would it be? stop shopping at hot topic and thinking industrial is goth music. goth music was back in the 80s with bands like sisters of mercy & christian death, so stop being so effin trendy. 3. Do you Think you will be ACCEPTED? hmmm...yes. i think so.
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