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Am I your whore?

Nicknames: Goober
Age: 16
Location: Hell, Ohio
Sexuality: Bi
Star Sign: Capricorn

(*Moving On*)
Nirvana, Slipknot, Mushroomhead, Marilyn Manson, The Cure, Korn, Mozart,Tool, NIN, A Perfect Circle, Velvet Acid Christ, Smashing Pumpkins, Jefferson Airplane, ALice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Rob Zombie, White Zombie, Megadeth, Powerman 5000, Mudvayne, Orgy, ICP, Kottonmouth Kings, Bauhaus, Elvis Costello, The Cars, AC/DC, Aerosmith, guns n' roses, Type o Negative, Kittie, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, Pat Benetar, Stevie Nicks, ect.......
Movies:Bowling for columbine, JawBreaker, Monster, Amadeus, In Dreams, Cruel Intentions, swimfan, Eward Siccorhands, Blow, Secret Window, Helter Skelter, May, Fight Club
Books/authors: To many to name
Hobbies: Writing, Reading, destroying the weak
Bands/musicians you hate/dislike: GC, Linken Park, and many more.......
Any hidden talents?: No
Favorite color and why: Black because I beleive there's a certain beauty to the color that most people don't see and don't want to
Describe yourself in five words: Deadly, Hurtful, Sensitive, Dark, Tearless

People choise what they want.
Religion: I personal don't have one
Racism: Hate it
War: Don't think we should have it
Abortion: Depends on the situations
Premarital Sex: You do what you think is right.....
Labels: Hate them

1. Why do you think you belong here?
Don't know
2. If you could give a message to the world, what would it be? Believe in whatever it is you believe in don't let other people force something on you. Stride for those who have nothing and fight for those who need it. Describe the weak and pretend for the rich
3. Do you Think you will be ACCEPTED? Probably Not

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